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Appreciation of a good whisky is entirely subjective, and older is not always better. While casks can certainly yield excellent financial returns, we believe the real joy is in discovering the changes in your whisky over the years and knowing you can capture that quality in the bottle at its best.

The Cask Collectors Club offers a unique opportunity to engage directly in your investment. Each year you will receive samples of your spirit as it matures, and invitations to exclusive virtual tastings with other members, presenting the chance to show off your own collection and review your fellow collectors’ whiskies. You will have the option to draw bottles from your cask to enjoy at home or send as unique gifts. All of this is included in your membership fee, along with the costs of storing and insuring your cask collection. You can read more about the benefits of membership here.

By completing the form below you can tell us what you'd like to explore within the world of whisky, whether that be finding something to bottle immediately or investing for the future, and we'll soon be in touch to begin exploring the possibilities with you.

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