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In recent years there has been significant interest in the acquisition of maturing casks of Scotch whisky as a form of financial investment. The concept is simple; the value of a cask increases over time as the quality of the spirit improves and it becomes increasingly rare.

Investors around the world have capitalised on the advantages to be gained from this unique asset, with brokers offering to buy and sell casks of single malt. While this has proven time and again to be a worthwhile exercise in speculation, investors are missing out on the most rewarding aspect of their venture...

At The Spirited Bond we aim to foster a special community in which collectors can experience and enjoy the changes in their whisky as it matures, sharing in their discoveries and success. Members can get creative with their casks, participate in live whisky tastings hosted online and within our dunnage warehouse, exchange drams and work together to uncover some of the best whiskies in the world.

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Collecting casks with The Spirited Bond offers a unique opportunity to engage directly in your investment. Each year you will receive samples of your spirit as it matures, along with invitations to exclusive tastings with other members, presenting the chance to show off the best of your own collection and enjoy your fellow collectors' favourite drams. You will have the option to draw bottles from your casks to enjoy at home or send as special gifts. Your annual membership also covers all of the administrative, storage and insurance costs for your cask collection.

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Your entire collection will be kept safe under one roof at The Spirited Bond, our private warehouse with all the necessary approvals and security in place, dedicated to to the curation of our members' cask portfolios. This will give you access to your whisky whenever you desire, and the unique ability to engage personally in the process that creates the perfect dram. The final result of each cask is up to you, and you alone.

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Appreciation of a good whisky is entirely subjective, and older is not always better. While older casks can certainly yield excellent financial returns, the real joy is in discovering the changes in your whisky over the years and knowing you can capture it in the bottle at the time of your choosing.

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Whisky cannot be described as a true 'Scotch whisky' until it has matured in a cask for at least three years. This is to ensure quality, as the spirit takes on new characteristics as a result of interactions with the oak wood in which it rests. Over the years the whisky not only becomes more exceptional but also more of a rarity, as one by one the other casks like it are bottled or given over to blending. A thirty-year-old cask will have become something wholly unique, and very valuable indeed.

Casks of maturing whisky are considered 'wasting assets' and therefore are not subject to Capital Gains Tax, though this may change in the future. Standard VAT as well as Alcohol Duty must be paid for every cask eventually, but not until it is bottled and its contents are thereby removed from duty-free storage. This is due to the changing strength of the spirit as it gradually evaporates during its maturation. What this means is that casks can be bought and sold under bond without any tax being paid.

Yes, though it's just another element of the complexity of maturation. As the spirit soaks into the wood of the cask and slowly takes on new aromas and flavours, some of the contents will escape entirely; usually no more than about 2% per year. As it matures the spirit also tends to become weaker, as the alcohol evaporates slightly faster than water. Fortunately, this phenomenon is all part of the improvement that whisky experiences over the years, and the spirit lost is commonly referred to as the angels' share.

There is no standardised index for the valuation of whisky casks, and previous figures are not a strict guide for future performance. We use our industry knowledge and experience to guide our customers and help them find the best value for money we can.
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