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The Spirited Bond serves as a hub of activity for whisky enthusiasts around the world, not only as a physical space in which to experiment with spirit maturation and create uniquely personalised whiskies but also as social space, giving cask owners the chance to share their new ideas, favourite drams and stories of success. Limited by the remaining space in our dedicated maturation warehouse, membership unlocks a host of special options to those seeking a unique investment and a chance to create something special.

Membership includes:

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Cask Acquisition

Work with our team to find the perfect cask to suit your plans, whether that means seeking out something from a certain year or distillery, or better understanding your preferences before searching for spirit that appeals to you best. Different casks become available on a daily basis, which means finding the perfect cask is just a matter of patience.

Distilleries of Scotland
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Storage & Insurance of Your Casks

Annual membership includes everything related to the storage and insurance of your cask collection, eliminating the need to worry about administrative & storage fees on an individual cask basis. All casks are insured up to the full value of their purchase price; as your casks become increasingly valuable over the years we can help arrange additional protection.

Advantages of a private warehouse
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Regular Cask Samples

As your spirit continues to develop throughout maturation you'll want to keep a close eye on its progress. Each year we will send you a small sample from your collection, Duty & VAT all taken care of. Our team will then work with you to ensure that each cask continues to improve according to your desires, whether that means planning bottling operations, re-racking spirit into a new cask, or simply giving it the time it needs.

Cask Studies
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Regular Whisky Tastings

Join other members in special whisky tasting events featuring the unique spirits from our own warehouse. Discover new possibilities or show off favourites from your own casks as members share their collections.

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Exclusive Content

Membership grants access to additional services and content on our homepage, allowing members to manage their collections and be the first to hear about new casks that become available. Contact our team to discuss the options that we can explore with your casks, from special wood finishes to custom bottlings.

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