Offering Peace of Mind

In addition to private cask collectors, The Spirited Bond works in partnership with selected corporate clients and independent bottlers who value our tailored services in managing their own cask portfolios.

Being wholly privately-owned and independent of any other distillery, broker or blender allows us to provide a completely impartial and equitable service - a neutrality that is becoming increasingly rare in the industry.

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Key Benefits We Bring To Our 'Bond Partners'

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Cask management services

We provide the full range of cask management services, including drawing samples, re-gauging, re-racking and bottling, all within guaranteed turnaround times. We work to our partners' time-sensitive schedules, not our own, to allow you to plan and operate your own business more effectively.

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Dunnage capacity guarantees

We offer the unique ability for a Bond Partner to manage your own dedicated capacity threshold within our warehouse. Knowing how much space you have at your discretion, and the flexibility to increase or decrease it over time as your business evolves, gives an added level of security and certainty in making your cask inventory decisions.

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Online cask management portal

Bond Partners are granted access to our cloud-based cask control system to allow you to view your inventory and make cask management service requests.

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Cask trading

Our diverse range of private clients and business partners enables us to offer hassle-free cask trading, where casks already held in our dunnage can be viewed, samples or re-gauged as required before a purchase or sale is made.

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Client visits to our dunnage warehouse

Bond Partners can bring your own private clients to our warehouse in the Pentland Hills just south of Edinburgh to visit their casks, perhaps draw a sample or two, and enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of a traditional, old-style dunnage warehouse.

Work With Us

We currently work with a range of partners, such as Stravaig Spirits, Cru World Wines and the Stewart Whisky Company, all of whom enjoy the full range of services described above.

If you are in the business of cask investment, maturation and bottling - whether as an independent brand owner or in service of your own private clients, or you are a distillery with your own private cask ownership programme - then do get in touch with us to discuss building your own bond with The Spirited Bond.