A Summer of Cask Arrivals

16th June, 2023

New arrivals
The first stows are beginning to fill up

The summer has seen dozens of casks arriving from distilleries and warehouses across Scotland, from lowland single malts such as Auchentoshan distilled in the 1990's to younger whiskies from Orkney and Islay. The entire warehouse uses traditional methods of dunnage racking, with casks rolled onto wooden rails embedded in an earth floor which remains cool and humid throughout the year, giving each whisky the opportunity to mature at a leisurely pace without excessive evaporation. As more casks arrive over time they will be racked on top of one another, to a maximum height of three rows. Our next challenge will be to ensure each bay (or 'stow') is arranged as efficiently as possible, ensuring we don't have to move too many casks in order to retrieve the next due to be bottled or re-racked.

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