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  • Location: Lowlands (Glasgow)
  • Visitor centre: Open Tuesday - Sunday
  • Year founded: 1823
  • Owner: Beam Suntory
  • Production capacity: 2.5 million litres per annum
  • Number of stills: Three
  • Typical phenol level: unpeated
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Something of a rarity in Scotland, triple distillation involves running the wash that results from fermentation through a pot still three times, rather than just twice as in the vast majority of Scotch whisky. For this purpose, Auchentoshan possesses a third 'intermediate' still, which sees its product split in two. The higher-strength portion of the run, frequently known as the 'heads', is progressed to the main spirit still for the final distillation, while the 'tails' that are lower in strength are mixed in with the next run, to pass through the intermediate still once more. The result of this process is a 'final cut' at just over 80%abv.

In the past Auchentoshan has employed fairly short fermentation times, with those that were very short being combined with those that were longer. Recently a change in strategy including seven-day production has seen a shift towards consistent time that was longer overall. This has just been increased further still, with two additional washbacks being added in 2022. Time will tell whether this produces a more complex new-make. The distillery's current range of single malts features maturation predominantly in American oak, with a delicate style that allows notes of citrus, herbs and vanilla to win through.

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