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  • Location: Northern Highlands
  • Visitor centre: Open weekdays
  • Year founded: 1839
  • Owner: Whyte & Mackay
  • Production capacity: 4.5 million litres per annum
  • Number of stills: Eight
  • Typical phenol level (new make): unpeated
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There's more than just the exclusive use of ex-sherry casks to set Dalmore apart from the crowd. A distillery with an interesting and complex production cycle, it possesses both a single washback and a single still almost double the size of their respective partners. This means that the spirit produced by each run in the stillhouse can vary in character, requiring the operators to use their combined experience to ensure the new make is consistently vatted before being filled into casks. The spirit stills themselves feature water jackets built around the necks to improve reflux, and shell & tube condensers arranged horizontally to replicate the design of the original worm system built in the stream running by the distillery.

Known for its highly sought-after and equally pricey expressions, Dalmore has in recent years put an increased focus on its core range of single malts, making it one of the fastest-growing brands with plans to increase its already considerable production capacity. Typical characteristics include sweet cereal aromas, honey and marmalade, rich fruits and a full-bodied texture.

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