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  • Location: Islay (north east coast)
  • Visitor centre: Open weekdays
  • Year founded: 1881
  • Owner: Distill International
  • Production capacity: 2.7 million litres per annum
  • Number of stills: Four
  • Typical phenol level: Unpeated
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It's hard not to be impressed by Bunnahabhain's industrial Victorian architecture, setting it apart from the other distilleries of Islay. Due to its remote location on the fairly rugged north east coast of the island, the site still features original employee housing as well as a pier built out onto the water for shipping. With a long history of producing spirit for well-known blends such as Famous Grouse, the distillery has more recently become known for its own single malt whisky, and the recent refurbishment has not only seen numerous upgrades to the production facilities but also a new visitor centre on the waterfront.

Tradtional features, such as a copper-topped mash tun and washbacks built from Oregon pine, have been combined with modern methods to produce a net-zero distillation process, as spent grains and wood chips from the distillery are used to generate power. Working seven days a week, the fermentation time is 56 hours, with two pairs of stills (one set having been replaced in 2022) producing a spirit that overall is approachable compared to other Islays. That being said, Bunnahabhain has stepped up its production involving peated malt, with a phenol level of up to 45ppm, though this is still outweighed by its original unpeated variety.

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