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  • Location: Isle of Jura
  • Visitor centre: Open six days a week (times vary through the year)
  • Year founded: 1810
  • Owner: Whyte & Mackay
  • Production capacity: 2.4 million litres per annum
  • Number of stills: Four
  • Typical phenol level: Less than 1ppm
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The origins of this distillery are a little murky, with numerous names emerging over the years through a history of illicit distilling throughout the nineteenth century, and it fell victim like so many distilleries to the crash of the early 1900's. Only in 1963 did a pair of locals secure the capital to build a new, modern distillery on the island's southern coast. Initially unpeated, the spirit emerges from fairly short fermentation times and a set of particularly tall stills, giving it a robust character. More recently an increasingly smoky range of expressions have been offered, as the production process utilises increasing quantities of peated malt.

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