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  • Location: Elgin, Speyside
  • Visitor centre: Open year round (weekends subject to season)
  • Year founded: 1897
  • Owner: La Martiniquaise
  • Production capacity: 5.7 million litres per annum
  • Number of stills: Six
  • Typical phenol level: Typically unpeated, but a lightly peated edition is now produced
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Situated in the heart of Speyside, Glen Moray's whisky lives up to the reputation of the region, offering an approachable and gentle spirit but with a wide range of styles on offer. Built on the outskirts of Elgin to take water from the river Lossie, the distillery is now surrounded by housing. The aromas of maturing whisky fill the surrounding air thanks to the numerous warehouses maintained on the premises. Using primarily American oak, Glen Moray is known for 'finishing' whiskies in a range of different casks, including those used in the productions of wines such as Chardonnay as well as fortified wines, like port. A limited run of peated malt also offers a light, smoky take on the distillery's core product, making this an ideal introduction for any newcomer to the potential of Scottish whiskies.

Production has increased hugely since La Martiniquaise bought the distillery in 2008, with sales seeing an even greater surge. Glen Moray operates a 10 tonne mash tun and 16 stainless steel washbacks, fermenting for a relatively short 58 hours. Rather than running pairs of stills, there are three large wash stills and six spirit able to produce over five million litres of spirit a year. Usually unpeated, Glen Moray's whisky is typically gentle and fruity in character, with the vanilla and caramel notes of American oak complimenting the delicate spice and berries of the spirit.

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